Growing4All is a horticultural therapy project which uses gardening to gain positive changes for adults with a learning disability. We aim to improve work and social skills, raise self-esteem and confidence and offer greater social inclusion.

We have a commercial size greenhouse which we use to cultivate plants from seed and propagate shrubs from cuttings. We also supply hanging baskets, bedding plants and vegetables to the public.

We have an outdoor area in which we have created a Quiet Garden. We also have space for accessible raised beds for vegetable growing. The work has been undertaken by the individuals attending the project and is allowing a great sense of ownership to develop along with the continuing development of Growing4all.

Other activities that we offer are woodwork, flower arranging and Christmas decorations and wreaths, this range of activities gives each individual a wide range of skills which can help to improve coordination, communication, teamwork and independence. There is an increased knowledge of plants, how to use tools and the importance of health and safety in the garden.

Growing4all has capacity for up to 50 service users a week, our opening times are 9.45am to 2.45pm, Monday to Friday and we offer full day sessions or half day sessions.

We are also open to the general public Monday to Friday 9:30am to 2:30pm for them to come in and purchase what we have for sale.

For more information regarding Growing4All please contact Eli on : 07990 584 007 or email

“Growing4All is great fun and I recommend it to everyone. It is good to learn new gardening skills and showing off my skills that I have learnt already” – Sandy Pearson

“I like working there learn all about flowers” Kevin Uprichard

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