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Support Us

Thank you for raising funds on behalf of West Berkshire Mencap! You can make a direct donation, get friends to take part in a challenge, persuade your local running/crafting/walking group to help too!

We hope the ideas below will give you inspiration – we have thought carefully about Covid 19 and must say that your safety and that of your colleagues is the most important thing to consider. We think the ideas below can be done using social distancing and resources such as Zoom and we are more than happy to give you advice, just drop us an email at info@wbmencap.org

Your friends can ‘pay’ for the events you organise by making a direct donation or you can set-up a Just Giving page, you don’t have to handle any cash!

Lets get busy……………


Auction of promises – by Zoom – don’t forget anyone can download free Zoom time.


Bike ride – get your cycling friends to set themselves a challenge.


Coffee morning, cake sale, craft sale – all can be done on line.


Zoom dinner dates


Exercise challenge – great way to get fit and raise funds.


Face painting – get the kids on zoom/WhatsApp and have fun on a rainy weekend.


Guess the baby? – make a collage of baby photos from your friends – charge per guess – with a prize for the one who gets the most right – great by email.


Hundred coins – each night lay your change in a line growing around your house – challenge friends to reach a target length.


Internet shopping – look for sites that make donation as you shop.


James Bond evening – by video shake (don’t stir) those martinis and run an on-line James Bond quiz night.


Karaoke night – must be the best zoom ever!


Loose change collection – drop us an email to get your collecting tin.


Masterclass – are you a brilliant baker – do a live zoom class.


‘No’ day – give up your guilty pleasures – no chocolate, no wine, no snacks – everyone records their ‘give ups’ – those who succeed are named as heroes those who fail donate twice!


Origami challenge – live on-line would be so funny!


Pet walking – socially distanced, planned walks.


Quiz nights – run one a week for a month.


Recipe exchange – even on-line tutorials.


Sponsored anything!


Tombola – on-line!


Unwanted present sale – but the money goes as a donation.


Valentine’s fun – make roses – bake cakes


Wine tasting – buy a few bottles, put samples in small ‘a b c ‘ labelled containers, get your local friends to collect from your doorstep. Gather on line for the ‘secret’ tasting – can they guess the flavours, age, strength of the samples.


Xmas!!! Get creative. Buy a trowel or bulbs for the new Growing4All project in the name of a friend for Christmas – we will send you a pretty insert sheet to pop in a Christmas card telling them about the kind donation in their name.


Yes day – do something you wouldn’t normally do – and make a donation to celebrate when its done.


On-line Zoo day with the children – provide stories and crafting.

Supporters can help in many different ways. There are many different volunteering opportunities, from working directly with clients (after being DBS’d) at the Mencap Centre, Link Up, Growing 4 All at Cottismore or on any of our off site projects, to volunteering at fundraising and awareness events or taking part in sponsored events in aid of us. Support can be a one off or ongoing. We are pretty flexible and terribly appreciative!

Some examples of support we have received include:

  • Some of our teenage volunteers putting on bands nights for us or persuading their schools to support West Berkshire Mencap.
  • Large companies have agreed to allow us to use their purchasing power to get better prices for such things as stationery and furniture. They also donate used goods such as flat screens, furniture and other items.
  • Donations, not just of money (which is of course always welcome) but also time, auction or raffle prizes.
  • Sometimes support is about banging the drum for us, letting other people know about our organisation, that we are a local charity dependent on contributions and that we provide a wide range of services for people in West Berkshire.

If you would like to support West Berkshire Mencap, make a financial contribution or just be kept up to date with our latest news then please contact us on 01635 41464 or info@wbmencap.org.

As a local charity, West Berkshire Mencap has to raise all its own funds to be able to maintain and expand the high quality services it offers, to local people with learning disabilities and their families and carers.

West Berkshire Mencap holds a number of events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness for its services. These vary from family events like our Music Night, to arranging for individuals to enter sponsored events like the British London 10K, to team events like our Quiz Evenings, to awareness raising events like our Fashion Show.

There are many ways that you can help us including:

  • Making a donation
  • Attending our fundraising events
  • Taking part in sponsored events in aid of us
  • Becoming a West Berkshire Mencap Champion by arranging or helping at events
  • Making us Charity of the Year at your work place
  • Donating raffle prizes

Would you like to find out more about our events or how to get involved with our fundraising?

Contact 01635 41464 or info@wbmencap.org


“I love to fundraise for West Berkshire Mencap because I have never met a friendlier, more passionate team that truly believe in what they do. The events that West Berkshire Mencap offers are exciting, fun and appeal to my sense of challenge and adventure. Not just this – you receive the full support of the staff at the events and during your fundraising. It’s so good to do something for a local charity, and help local people: I will continue to fundraise for them because I’ve had such a brilliant time so far.”
Ellie – A West Berkshire Mencap Champion