West Berkshire Mencap Bounces to Success with Bungee Event

A Summary of the Day from our Fundraising Manager


How brave were our jumpers!

On Sunday 25th August at 7am I was up getting ready for the start of our bungee event! A event that had taken 9 months to organise between the Newbury Gastro Pub and ourselves. So much excitement was around this event and we couldn’t believe the fantastic response we had received from the general public about it. I was all geared up to go and start the event. The weather was looking miserable outside but that wasn’t going to stop us from having a fantastic event!

As I approached the Market Place with my lovely volunteer bucket collectors we were all struck by the height of the bungee machine! The bungee was 200 feet high and you just kept bending your head backwards to try and see the entire bungee machine at once.

I spoke to Pete the Manager of the Newbury Gastro Pub and he explained that our first bungee jumpers would be a tandem. The women who were completing the tandem were smiling away and couldn’t seem to wait to get up there and do it. As we were waiting for them to be set up to jump, a crowd started growing around the machine and before we knew it we had loads of people asking us questions about what was going on and staying to watch.


So Brave! Click on the photo to see a video of their jump!

Before we knew the two lovely ladies had completed their jump and were safely returned to the ground. Their happiness about them completing this challenge was very apparent and they were greeted to a massive round of applause for what they had done.


They look like they are having fun!

Next up we had our first solo jumper who had been one of the first people to have signed up for the bungee and couldn’t wait to get up there and do it. As he went up in the lift to the top of the bungee he was surrounded by loads of people cheering him on. As soon as the rope was thrown over with the weight he was off the top of the machine and completing his bungee! Absolutely no form of hesitation. His family who had come along to watch him jump were very pleased (and very relieved!) when he was returned to the ground and saw that he was obviously okay.


Looking very composed whilst completing his bungee!

During the day we had a total of 21 people jump which was completely amazing and meant that we met our target number of jumpers and more! We had a husband and wife who both completed the jump. The husband in particular was memorable as he pulled a brilliant superman pose as he plunged back down to earth. They were both super fun after their jumps – pulling fantastic poses for our lovely volunteer photographer Stu March!


Do you think they are chuffed that they did it?

Here is a quick glimpse of some of the lovely people who took part in the bungee in aid of us!


Smiling before being lifted to the top of the bungee!

He really swung far when he was bungeeing! But he seemed to love it!

She did it!!

We even had a lady dressed up as a tiger to jump!!! Now that would be a bounce that Tigger would be proud of!

Being safely returned to the ground!

He was more than ready for the jump!

More wonderful jumpers!!!

He did it!!!!

We had staff members of both the Newbury Gastro Pub and West Berkshire Mencap jump in aid of us, which was fantastic. Including a staff member who jumped in , (no pun intended!), last minute to help us reach our target! He only came down to watch and before he knew it he was taking off from the top of the bungee! He was such a good sport about it and was one of the quickest people once he got up there to jump!


This wasn’t what he expected would be happening to him that Sunday!

The person by far who pulled the most fantastic poses during his bungee jump was Mr John Herring from the Newbury Weekly News! John was the most calm out of everyone going up to jump! There he was flying through the air on his bungee with arms out stretched! He got one of the biggest cheers of the day! And even better he has even said that he will do it again for us! We were so lucky to have him involved in the day!


John pulling his fantastic poses!

So Many Thank Yous!

As an charity we have been very lucky over the last year to have been Nando’s in Newbury’s local charity and they really were amazing at the bungee jump! We had Barci and a restaurant supervisor with us for the day to help us collect donations! They really got into the spirit of it and all the crowd there loved interacting with them! They also helped us out when we need two more people to jump! The supervisor went running to Nando’s to find a staff member to take part for us. Next thing we knew a lovely Nando’s employee was back and getting ready to go up and jump! He was amazing and before we knew it he had jumped and was back off to work! Just proves that Nando’s will go above and beyond their duty to us as their chosen charity to help us in anyway that they can – even taking part in acts of bravery like this! What more can you ask for as a charity?


Barci was very relieved that his fellow colleague was okay!

A big thank you to our amazing volunteers who came out to bucket collect at the event! We really couldn’t do what we do without the support of our volunteers who are so enthusiastic and supportive whether it is helping with fundraising or working with service users! Thank you so much to everyone who helped out on the day!


Thank you to our amazing volunteers!

We would also like to say a massive thank you to Alan from Premier Lifestyle Conservatories. Alan has supported West Berkshire Mencap over the years including being a model in our fashion show, dressing up as a dalek for our carnival float and at this event being a bucket collector for us. Alan and his wife were amazing help on the day and we are so grateful for all the support they give to us! Thank you Alan!!!


Fantastic Bucket Collecting!

A massive thank you also needs to be given to Coras who have been supporting West Berkshire Mencap over the last year! Thank you to Shawn and his team who are incredibly supportive of everything that we do!


Thank you Coras!

But the biggest thank you is to the Newbury Gastro Pub! They came up with this event, organised it and did everything they could to promote it and make it a success! Pete and his team really do see the importance of our work and really want to help us in every way they can. They want to now make this event an annual event – the funds and awareness raised from this event being held annually will make such a huge difference to our services. We really are so enormously grateful to Pete and his team!


A BIG THANK YOU to the Newbury Gastro Pub!

So we will be having another bungee event next year which will be even bigger and better! If you would like to be involved we are already taking names so please get in contact with us on 01635 41464 or via email on fundraising@wbmencap.org

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